The Intuition Game

Client: Personal project
Concept Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction

The Intuition Game

Oftentimes many of us stay in jobs, relationships and places longer than we should. What keeps us from making the right decision? How do we distinguish fear from intuition? When we learn to listen to our innervoice we seem to know exactly what we want.

The Intuition Game is a playful way to get to enhance your self-awareness and forces you to think about certain decisions or possible outcomes. You pick a card and tell your story. Afterwards the listeners engage with your story and then it is their turn, while exploring different elements of intuition together or you can decide to play it alone.

The Intuition Game encourages to be honest towards yourself, and engage with fellow humans, allowing vulnerability to flourish. Learn how to tune into this part of yourself by trusting what answer comes to you the first time.

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